I'm a community-taught web developer from Toronto, Canada . I've focused on building a solid foundation to be a front-end developer. I'm well versed in HTML, CSS/SCSS, JavaScript, and React.js. Recently I've also been working with PostgreSQL, GraphQL, and Next.js, to build faster and better web applications. You can view some of my latest work in the repos below.

Before the Covid-19 epidemic, I was working in the hospitality industry in Toronto. As work became scarce, I started to think about a career change. So I started to teach myself to code. Through resources like Codecademy and a number of online tutorials from awesome creators like Jason Lengstorf , Kent C. Dodds, Ali Spittel, Emma Bostian, Jhey Dev and many others, I found my love for programming.

My goal is to help make the tech community even more accessible. I'd love to help people learn to code and break into the tech industry. I want to reach a spot where I can give back a little of what I've gained from the dev community and help people grow in this space.

At the moment I'm looking for a position as an intern or a junior developer, to continue to grow my skill set with additional experience. If you'd like to get in touch about an opportunity, please feel free to reach out. I'd love to talk! Contact me.